SADA・OKIと続く、”NIPPONIA HOTEL 大洲城下町”の3番目の棟となるTUNE棟である。ちなみに、各棟の名称は、大洲藩主の各代の名前から引用されている。SADA棟(1代藩主:貞泰/さだやす・OKI棟(2代藩主:泰興/やすおき)・TUNE棟(3代藩主:泰恒/やすつね)である。”NIPPONIA HOTEL 大洲城下町”は、大洲藩であったことを大切にしている。




The TUNE House, the third premise of ‘NIPPONIA HOTEL Osu Castle Town’, along with the SADA and OKI Houses. The names of those houses are derived from the names of successive lords of Ozu Clan. The SADA House from the first lord Sadayasu, the OKI house from the second lord Yasuoki, and the TUNE house from the third lord Yasutsune. ‘NIPPONIA HOTEL Ozu Castle Town’ values the town’s history of being under the rule of Ozu Clan.

When we were in charge of FF&E (Furniture, Fixture and Equipment) along with the design supervision of the whole renovation projects, their identity of being part of Ozu Clan gave us a lot of insight. Japanese wax, Japanese paper, Tobe ware, ironware, woodwork, and bamboo works were cultivated during the era of Ozu Clan. The handicrafts inherited by modern craftsmen furnish the buildings to invite travelers’ minds to the journey through time.

The TUNE House used to be a Japanese restaurant called Izumiya Annex. The structural style of the building, which measures 11 bays in length and 5 bays in width, tells us that it was probably built in the early Showa period, and shows signs of being extended at several different periods. The building, a two-storied, tile-roofed wooden structure with a hipped roof and the entrance located in one of its gabled sides, stands facing the street on the west side. This is a small scale two-room accommodation with its ground floor still being used for banquets. The surrounding area overlooking the garden was a long corridor, but we turned a part of it into the water section, taking advantage of the flow line. The long and thin plan of water section is a characteristic of this building.

The building is surrounded by gardens, and especially the garden facing the approach to the stairs leading to Ozu Shrine on the south side has a steep slope looking up the mountain from the dry landscape gardens at the bottom, which stages trees and flowers such as cherry, azalea, and maple. In each of the four seasons, the colour combination entertains the visitors.

所在地 : 愛媛県大洲市
期間 : 2019 - 20
床面積 : 185.35㎡
用途 : 宿泊施設、宴会場
構造 : 木造
施主 : 株式会社 KITA
設計監理 : ボールアーキテクチャ合同会社
施工 : 菅野建設株式会社
撮影 : 北村 徹
Project name : Nipponia Hotel Ozu Castle Town - TUNE
Location : Ozu, Ehime, Japan
Project duration : 2019 - 20
Total floor area : 185.35㎡
Usage of the building : Hotel and banquet hall
Structure : Wood
Client : KITA Co.,Ltd.
Design supervision : BALL ARCHITECTURE LLC.
Construction : Sugano Construction Co.,Ltd.
Photo : Toru Kitamura